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Start A Food & Beverage Business

5 Food and Beverage Business Ideas With Low Startup Costs

Being a food entrepreneur comes with several advantages. For one thing, you'll get to follow your passion. Not only that but with food, you can start anywhere.

This Is How to Start a Food and Beverage Company

The one industry that seems like there is always a new player popping up on the block is no doubt food and beverage. The barrier to entry in this industry is low: all you need to start selling food and beverages are the supplies required to make it!

How to Open a Bar With Alcohol and Food

With more than 65,000 bars across the United States, some people may worry that this is a market that is already thoroughly saturated. However, if you're planning to open a bar you'll be happy to hear that the annual revenue for these establishments totals over $26 billion!

Food & Beverage Business Templates

Getting Started

Organization Chart
Restaurant Menu
Tipping Chart

Kitchen Logs

Food Temperature Log
Daily Meal Log


Catering Contract
Cake Decorating

Starting A Business

LLC Partnership Agreement

Profit Sharing Agreement

LLC Certificate of Formation

LLC Partner Resignation

LLC Member Buyout

LLC Member Withdrawal

Proposal To Buy A Business

Independent Contractor

Joint Venture Agreement

Start A Business

Food & Beverage

BOD Communications

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Board Resolution Letter

Small Business Assistant

How To Decide What Business To Start

Business Plan

Strategic Plan

Business Plan Template

Business Planning Worksheet

Business Plan Confidentiality Agreement

Sample Cleaning Business Plan

Store Opening Day Checklist