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Letter Asking For Relocation Expenses

Sample letter for an employee to negotiate for relocation expenses

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June 12, 2024

[City], [State] [Zip Code]

Subject: Relocation Expenses

Dear [Mr. / Mrs.] [Last Name]:

Thank you for offering the [Title] position to me. I believe this a good opportunity for me that I can excel at a level beyond expectations. My track record over the years has demonstrated my capabilities to perform at high level as we've discussed.

Before I can accept your job offer, I would like to discuss with you the company paying travel and relocation expenses. I have estimated a total cost of $[0000] to relocate and am concerned that because of the short notice this cost is a challenge for me to accept the position.

Current relocation expenses that I anticipate include -

Moving Service - $[0000]
Airplane Tickets - $[000]
Hotel - $[000]
Car Rental - $[000]
Storage Unit Rental - $[000]

As you can see this results in relocation costs of $[0000].

I am able to accept the job offer if the company will reimburse me for [00]% of these relocation expenses after being provided receipts.

Please let me know, as soon as possible, if this acceptable or if you would like to discuss this further. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


[First Name] [Last Name]
[Title / Position]
[City], [State] [Zip Code]

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