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Seth takes on challenging tasks

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About Sample Comments

These pages provide hundreds of sample comments written to complete the evaluation of an employee's performance.

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Questions to ask employees during a performance review

Is there any immediate feedback you would like to give management?

Do you feel that management helps you use your time in the most productive way possible?

What can we do to help you be more productive?

What do you think you have been succeeding at? What do you think may need some more work?

What can we do to motivate employees more? Do you feel that there is room for growth at this company?

Leadership Evaluation Comments

Positive Example

Terrance always leads by example.

Julie possesses an ability to strategically direct and manage her team to meet the company's goals.

Tom sets high standards of ethics and shows throughout his finished work products.

Kevin has developed a large amount of respect from all his employees and managers.

Greg's ability to schedule his available resources effectively helps the organization meet profit goals.

Russ is comfortable demonstrating his leadership ability even though he is not currently in a management role.

Negative Example

Justin needs to work on his listening skills this next year and lead instead of follow.

Lilly does not show respect towards her subordinate employees.

Tyler should work on improving his ability to set goals and direction for his work group and display a positive attitude.

Mitch needs to work on his trust of employees and empower them to make their own decisions.

Mark does not delegate very well and tends to overload his own work load so he appears important.

Attendance Evaluation Comments

Positive Example

Jim continues to be a valued member of our crew and is a person we are able to count on. Jim's focus to his attendance and punctuality has made our core group operate significantly better over the past 12 months.

Tim is extremely dependable with regard to his attendance and regularly exhibits punctuality.

Janet starts every day refreshed and ready for any problems she may face throughout the work day.

George often makes certain his workers adhere to their lunch schedules and breaks.

Negative Example

Todd is always showing up for work late and needs to improve on this area over the next couple of months.

Heather does not show up for work on time nor does she work a normal work schedule.

The meetings Timothy leads often run beyond their scheduled time. Over the next year, Timothy needs to make sure that his meetings begin and end on time.

On a consistent basis Jane runs late from her breaks and needs to start only taking the allotted time.

Communication Evaluation Comments

Positive Example

A very important skill that Sally has is her ability to effectively communicate topics that very complex. She has used this ability over the last twelve months to successfully solve several problems and the company has prospered as a result.

Keith does a good job always asking for immediate feedback to make sure he is doing his work tasks properly.

Frank has an ability to effectively communicate change of plans to employees and keeps them at ease during turbulent periods.

Hilda's project team always raves at her ability to encourage open communication among team members.

Jim's team has vastly improved their overall performance over the last year due to his positive feedback.

Negative Example

Jack needs to work on his communication skills this next year. Effective communication requires more than just giving information when asked, Jack also needs to be proactive when engaging his team as issues come up. Also, Jack needs to work on the tone of his communication so listeners feel comfortable conversing with him.

Terry tends to keep important information from his team members that he needs to share for optimal team performance.

Jim needs to work on his ability to receive feedback from his co-workers. Usually Jim tends to attack when given criticism that is constructive in nature.

George should try to open himself up with team members and stop isolating himself from the team. His position requires the ability to communicate freely.

Julie needs to work on improving her communication skill set when it comes to discussing bad news to her team members. She often has a tendency to withhold the information for fear of rejection from upper management.


Positive Example

Shirley has done an outstanding job this past year cooperating with her team members during a very difficult company merger. She has demonstrated an eagerness to work with other teams that were created to help with the transition and was an excellent example of how cooperation can produce great results.

Heather always displays a positive attitude when working with her group members.

One of the more effective aspects of Jennifer's management style is her capability to build a good team building environment. This has produced a positive work environment and allowed her product group improve their output.

Jerry is able to create an environment where individuals can always share their personal thoughts that are either good or bad and not fear harsh consequences.

Negative Example

Larry is in need of working on his ability to cooperate with fellow co-workers. There have been several situations over the last year where Larry has not cooperated with his co-workers and resulted in a substantial loss in productivity for his work group.

Kevin has had several shouting episodes with his supervisor over the last review period. Kevin needs to improve his communication skills and negate the yelling immediately.

James tends to make other individuals that he works with feel uncomfortable when they ask for his help

Creativity Evaluation Comments

Positive Example

Doug exhibits how his creativity and innovation produce a great improvement in the company's performance. Doug showed an ability to take risks in the advertising campaign he produced that had the appearance of failure but proved everyone incorrect and was a great success.

Shannon always takes many creative steps to improve the working environment for her team. This last year the teams profitability increased by 25% due to her innovation.

Nathan has a great ability to quickly change directions on a project when presented with new information.

Seth displays a great attribute of skillfully moving around obstacles as they present themselves.

This last year Jenna found a very creative workaround to the clients billing issues which increased revenues by 21%.

Negative Example

Ted needs to work on his creativity when problem solving at work and to think about the steps he takes in his work and how he can reduce the time it takes so he is working more efficiently and effectively.

Tom tends to create a stifling environment that is far from conducive to creativity.

Lillian needs to trust her intuitive instinct and take a chance on what she thinks is the right action to take.

William is hesitant to take on new ideas or look at things from a different perspective.

The sales team has a great telephone script and instead of using it Jim always tries to re-invent the wheel. Instead Jim should use his creative ability where needed.

Customer Service Evaluation Comments

Positive Example

James almost always goes above and beyond his normal job activities to please his customers. James always demonstrates how excellent customer service has a lasting positive effect on customer relationships and further sales.

Over the last three months, Jane's attention to customer satisfaction has not been acknowledged. Jane works with customers until they are satisfied and often takes that extra step to help resolve any issues that unhappy customers may have after the sale is made.

Tony is very skilled at overcoming any client objections.

Kevin is very empathetic when it comes to listening and makes each client feel important.

Matt is clearly a "people person" that always communicates to his clients how much he enjoys working with them.

Negative Example

Colin needs to continue to work on how his daily work tasks affect his customers buying experience. Colin does not consistently demonstrate to his customers that they are his first priority. Over the next six months, Colin should work to put his customers first and make them feel comfortable with their buying experience.

Yolanda needs to work on managing her customer's expectations. When problems arise she does not notify her clients right away and this tends to create issues when it comes to closing the sale.

Seth does not follow up with customers when requested by his manager.

Harry has difficulty saying no to customer's negotiations causing loss in revenue.

Goal and Objective Evaluation Comments

Positive Example

One of Carol's best attributes is her capacity to set goals that are specific, measurable, and achievable. Along with a specific time horizon for completion. She always sets her goals high enough to stretch but not too high.

Kyle is very good at setting his goals and objectives with his employees and making sure they are obtained in a timely manner.

Courtney is excellent at creating measurements for goals to make sure there is always progress being made in achieving the specific goal.

Jennifer is a great asset to the firm with her unique ability to set both long and short term goals that positively reflect her profit center.

Negative Example

Jack needs to work on his ability to set goals. Jack likes to set goals for himself that are not achievable. Setting attainable goals for himself will allow Jack to improve his productivity.

Rick consistently does not hit his targets and does not stay current with the objectives that are set for him.

Jerry tends to always want to complete his goals in the last month before annual reviews, but does not work consistently on his goals throughout the year.

Thomas should work on not blaming others for not achieving his own specific goals. Thomas needs to accept responsibility for what he does and does not do.

Initiative Evaluation Comments

Positive Example

Larry always demonstrates a very positive attitude to the team and makes them feel like they can accomplish their stated goals.

Craig consistently takes the initiative when difficult obstacles arise and finds a solution quickly.

Jen always asks to take on additional responsibilities when a new project is just starting.

Kelly's eagerness to work late hours to complete the task at hand helps with overall team performance.

Negative Example

Carrie does not like to participate in training when a new method is developed and tends to return to "her" way of doing things.

Conner does not step forward when new projects start arriving and instead relies on others to take initiative.

Jim has resisted taking on any additional work and instead has relied on his group members to complete tasks that he should be doing.

Timothy does not have the confidence required to try new methods when taking on new work.

Job Knowledge Evaluation Comments

Positive Example

Sam displays his job knowledge on a consistent basis.

George is very consistent in demonstrating his job specific knowledge and technical capacity.

Sonny always keeps up with new industry trends and then applies them when she sees they are beneficial to her work.

Kate possesses a solid understanding of the skill set that is required to execute her job.

Negative Example

Jan fails to show basic job specific skills for someone that has her seniority with the organization. Jan needs to quickly improve her job knowledge and mastery.

Brian consistently does not produce acceptable work and should improve his work knowledge to improve his results.

Jeb fails to show even the most basic knowledge required for his entry level position.

Cory has improved immensely over the last review period, however, his knowledge of what it takes to excel is still not enough.

Listening Skills

Positive Example

Victor has clearly mastered the art of proactive and very focused listening.

Matt consistently listens to his employees and waits for them to finish speaking before discussing his viewpoint.

Karen always asks for feedback to see how satisfied her customers are and then uses that information the next time to close a sale.

Charles has developed his listening skills over the last six months and now demonstrates an honest interest in listening to others issues.

Derek always follows instructions in an accurate and timely manner.

Negative Example

Jon often has a tendency to interrupt others while they are talking and then does not pay attention to what the other person is trying to say.

Jim thinks more about what he is going to say next than carefully listening to what the other person is saying.

Vince frequently needs to ask questions on things that were already repeatedly explained to him.

Gina often seems distracted during conversations and does not listen,

Jeff should work on being a more effective listener instead of telling everyone what he thinks before they are finished speaking.

Management Evaluation Comments

Positive Example

Lori is very good at providing her team with constructive and positive feedback.

Denise has a special ability to maintain ongoing communication with her employees.

Jennifer always creates an inclusive team environment and it shows on her profitability.

Tim works well with his employees and always achieves his goals.

Kevin is a visionary and then is able to get support from his work group.

Negative Example

Doug frequently wants all the credit for the team's success and then blames others for failures.

George avoids arguments which then affect his co-workers ability to integrate with other teams.

Helen does not hold her employees accountable which results in her not achieving her goals.

Cory relies too much on email to communicate and should instead use more face to face interaction.

Tony tends to play favorites with his core employee group and unwilling to see the potential in any of his employees outside his core group.

Troy needs to develop a more positive relationship with his employees.

Ty does not stop rumors from spreading and these results in reputations being damaged and the full potential of employees not being met.

Problem Solving Evaluation Comments

Positive Example

Jane is a very effective problem solver and quickly overcomes any obstacles.

Harold always resolves problems before they become big issues.

Lee is very proactive at getting on top of problems and solving them quickly.

Emma is a great at sharing her knowledge to solve problems that affect her team.

Negative Example

Kyle is very good at telling what the problem is but then lacks the capacity to then solve the issue that is creating the difficulty.

Frank does not do a good job of identifying the problem quickly.

Pete often has to ask for assistance to discover what is causing the problem.

Doug often appears overwhelmed during critical problem solving stages.

Teamwork Evaluation Comments

Positive Example

Bryan does an excellent job of creating an effective team environment.

James treats people with respect and in return receives respect.

Helen is a very good team leader and makes everyone feel like an important member.

Ted is excellent at resolving team member conflict quickly before they destroy team morale.

Negative Example

Sean always creates a work environment that discourages empowerment.

Bill usually tends to only give himself credit for team success.

Brett does not share team resources well.

Don is a distraction to the team due to his showboating.

Time Management Evaluation Comments

Positive Example

Connie has a unique ability for efficiently using her time and continues to impress her supervisors with her effective use of team resources in a timely manner.

Carol shows an awareness of how much time she has left on a project and sets her agenda accordingly.

Jim does a great job of multitasking.

Douglas always shows great respect for the time objective on a project.

Fred uses a journal and daily planner to execute his projects on time and within budget.

Negative Example

Lillian has a difficult time organizing her priorities and does not finish her projects on time.

Lou is often recognized for his lack of ability to show up for meetings on time.

Kate is a poor example when it comes to time management.

Bill lacks discipline when it comes to managing his team's time management constraints.

Sample Evaluation Comments

Performance reviews and appraisals are very simple, which is why we like to provide you with free examples you can use for your company. These will help save you time while still providing quality feedback to your employees. Scroll through the list by category below. Each category of sample comments provides both postive and negative examples.



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Why You Should Use Standardized Performance Review Comments:

Performance reviews are essentially report cards for your employees and they can be very time consuming. By using standardized comments, you are going to save extensive amounts of time while still providing quality feedback to your team of employees. You can still express more diverse and detailed explanations during a one-on-one meeting.

Appraisal Consistency

By using standardized comments over time, your employees are going to recognize the consistency which will make it easier for them to see where changes have been noticed. These standardized comments can also be adjusted as necessary.

It also also important to set up a schedule so that way employees will know when performance reviews/appraisals are approaching. This will reduce the overall amount of stress that can sometimes be associated with this time period. It's important to give your employees just as much time to prepare as you have to prepare their comments.

Performance Review Feedback

Performance review period is also a great time to not only give feedback, but receive it as well. Make sure to ask your employees what you think management could be doing better. Just because employees give their opinions, doesn't necessarily mean that you need to do everything they say, but it will help you get a sense of the company's moral and also make them feel heard.

Blank Employee Evaluation Forms

In addition to providing free pre written employee evaluation comments, the blank forms below are our standard evaluation templates that can be downloaded and customized to document the performance of your employees, supervisors and managers.

Blank Employee Evaluation Form
Free download of a simple employee review form

Blank Management Evaluation Form
Template for review of a manager's performance