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5 Quick Classroom Tips For Coronavirus

1) Review handwashing with students.

2) Encourage students to keep hands out of mouth and eyes.

3) Use anti-bacterial soap instead of sanitizers.

4) Discourage students from sharing food.

5) Increase frequency of cleaning.

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To: Mindy Weston

From: Bill Rudolph

Subject: School Closings

Dear Families:

I trust that everyone is keeping up to date with the information about Coronavirus and it's impact on our community. I am receiving updates daily from the state, and the school is following all guidelines we receive.

I need to make you aware of some recent guidelines that will affect our school and families.


The school will continue to follow all recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting the facilities.

Closing School

If we become aware of any student or employees that test positive for Coronavirus, we will close school for a minimum of three days for a thorough cleaning. If we have more than one positive test result then we will close for fourteen (14) days.


If your child is sick, please do not send them to school. If anyone in your family shows syptoms of the COVID-19 virus, contact your doctor or healthcare provider about being tested. If anyone in your family does test positive then contact the school so we can take recommended action. All information will be kept confidential.


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Letter From School About Coronavirus

Sample letter from school to parents with Coronavirus information

November 29, 2023

Dear Families:

Our school has been working with our public health partners monitoring the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19). When responding to infectious diseases, it is important to know that our school follows the directions and recommendations made by the state and county health departments.

Recent information from the state is that there is a low health risk to people in the United States from 2019 novel coronavirus. It is important that you keep up to date with information from reliable sources and know the facts.

What is coronavirus

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath. These viruses spread through coughing or sneezing, much like the flu.

What is school doing

Thorough cleaning of surfaces is an important part of any prevention strategy. Keeping our students and staff safe is our top priority. In our school, we are following high standards and strict procedures for frequent and thorough cleaning and disinfecting. You can also help keep the school healthy by following the recommendations below.

What can I do to stay healthy

The risk to the general public from this virus is considered low, and the same precautions recommended for avoiding colds and flu can help protect yourself and others against the coronavirus.

More information

  • Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

  • Cover your cough and sneeze with tissue

  • Clean surfaces that are frequently touched

  • Avoid close contact with anyone who has flu symptoms

  • Stay home if you are sick
Please know that the school is monitoring this situation. Our focus is maintaining the safety of students and staff. We will continue to update staff and families with any new information.

Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions.


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