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Email From School To Parents About Illness

To: Luke Bishop

From: Carrie Massey

Subject: Coronavirus

Dear Parents:

We are on high alert for signs of illness in public settings. We very much appreciate when parents do anything and everything to keep from sending sick kids to school.

We understand how challenging juggling parenting and work can be, but the serious strains of illness going around are highly concerning. Sending an already unhealthy child to school doesn't just put others at risk, it is dangerous for your own child to be here with an already compromised immune system.

If students have a chronic cough, or are just more lethargic than usual, they aren't going to be successful anyway in an 8 hour school day. Additionally, they can be distracting to others around them. Most importantly, allow students to fully recover, so they don't return with a compromised immune system, only to be exposed to undetected influenza and RSV.


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