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Sample Branch Manager Agreement

Below is a sample of a branch manager agreement that places the manager under contract for a specified length of time vs. at will employment.

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Branch Manager Agreement

Your First Name

Name of Business

Type of Business

Email Address

Branch Manager Agreement Form

Branch Manager Agreement

Effective Date


Between [Legal Company Name], further referred to as "[Corporation / Employer]",

A [State] [Type of legal entity],

Located at [Address] [City], [State] [Zip Code]

And [Employee's Name], further referred to as "[Employee]"

A [State] [Type of legal entity],

Located at [Address] [City], [State] [Zip Code]

The above mentioned parties do hereby agree to the employment of Employee as Manager of [Corporation Name and Branch Location with address].

This employment will begin as of the Effective date of this Agreement stated above and shall last for a period of [state the specific length of the contract].

The Employee's salary will be [$XX,XXX] for the first fiscal year. With an increase of [$XXXXX] for each fiscal year for the length of this contract stated above. Payments will be made on a biweekly basis.

The above mentioned Employee will perform his or her duties as [Title] to the best of their ability and also to the satisfaction of the Employer. The Employee will not engage in any other business activities that directly or indirectly compete with the above mentioned Corporation during the length of this Agreement.

The Employer has the right to renegotiate this Agreement provided that the Employer provides a notice period of [Days] prior to doing so. A renewal period will be for [length of new contract] and in consideration of [$XXXXX] that shall be paid to the Employee upon signature of the renewal. Following contract renewal there shall be a salary increase of [$XXXXX].

Applicable Law

This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of __________ in __________ County and any applicable Federal Law.

_______________________ Date_____
Signature of Employee

_______________________ Date_____
Signature of HR Director

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