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About Sample Letters

February 29, 2020

Dear Customers:

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you! At Your Business makes it easy to write and print a letter online.

To help get started, I have provided our collection of letters below.

Select the link to "Edit & Print" your letter. On that page you can write your letter using the template while making any changes that you like. To print your letter, select "Print" from the pull down menu to view in a printable format. Templates are also provided in a Google Doc format for your convenience.

Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or requests.


Chris Logan
At Your Business

PS: It's simple. Write and print your letter online now!

Edit & Print

Starting A Business

Proposal Letter To Buy Business

Letter For Board Resolution

Service Contracts

Sales, Bids & Estimates

Letter To Request A Sales Meeting

Letter Asking For Donations From Businesses

Meeting Management

Letter To Request A Meeting

Letter To Invite Someone To A Meeting

Letter To Request A Sales Meeting

Letter To Reschedule A Meeting

Letter To Cancel A Meeting

Apology Letter For Missing A Meeting

Follow Up Letter After Meeting

Thank You Letter After Meeting

Payroll & Accounting

Letter To Request Payment

Letter of Demand for Money Owed

Letter of Demand for Breach of Contract

Apology for Billing Error

Letter to Request a Raise

Sample Collection Letters

Past Due Reminder

Letter To Dispute Bill

Credit Bureau Dispute Letter

Data Breach Notification Letter

Purchasing & Receiving

Letter to Dispute Bill

Vehicle & Transportation

Agreements & Notices

Landlord & Tenant Rent Agreement

Letters From Landlorad To Tenant

Letter Asking For Late Rent Payment

Rent Increase Letter To Tenant

Letter For Tenant To Pay For Repairs

Letter To Tenant That No Pets Are Allowed

Letters From Tenant To Landlorad

Letter to Request Repairs in Apartment

Letter to Request Security Deposit

Power Of Attorney

Hiring An Employee

New Hire Welcome Letter

Letter Asking For Relocation Expenses

Letter of Recommendation for Employee

Employee Letter of Resignation

Employee Training

Attendance & Scheduling

Request Time Off Work

Organize & Communicate

Write & Print A letter

Letter For Change of Address

Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter For Donation

Thank You Letter For Interview

Thank You Letter For Job Offer

Thank You Letter After Meeting

Thank You For Letter Of Recommendation

Continuous Improvement

More Letters (Doc/PDF)

Letter of Agreement

Employee Appreciation Letter

Probation Letter For Attendance

Cease & Desist Letter

Letter About Business Closing

Collection Letter

Complaint To Property Management

Cover Letter

Letter To Request Overtime

Employee Probation Notice Letter

Request For Employee Reference

Retirement Farewell Letter

Letter Providing Two Week Notice

Employee Verification Letter


Request Medical Records

Personal Injury Demand Letter