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A Small Business Assistant is in the office ... tell us what you want and we'll create a free template for you! Below is a sample of recent requests for letters, forms and templates.

I need a letter to cancel auto-renewal of current contract, but to request company present a new bid for service. Even though we are choosing not to auto renew, company is suppose to continue service until end of year. We would at the point like to renegotiate a new contract.

I need a document to confirm that I have closed my business.

I'm looking for a form for brand ambassadors. Wanting payment for sales made an option as well.

I need an enter to win slip including company name, company address, contact name, phone, email.

I need a form to document a conversation.

I need a generic money request voucher. There needs to be a spot for a date, name, amount requested, and topic.

I need a form for employee training, which shows that this employee is currently under training and not yet an official employee

We are a 4 member Texas LLC, 30%, 30%, 30%, 10%, being bought by 2 new members who will own 51%and will buy out 2 existing members holding 30% and 10%

Quotation for about 15 kilometers of road maintenence

I need an estimate from to present general contractor for painting

Template for renting out earthmoving machines.

I need a verification form for maintenance work and sanitation.

I'm looking for a contract for an in home health care client. It needs to include services, hours, and schedule - preferably in a blank spaces sort of form to be printed and filled out accordingly.

Starting A Business

Limited Liability Corporation
LLC Partnership Agreement
Profit Sharing Agreement
LLC Partner Resignation
LLC Member Buyout
LLC Member Withdrawal

Business Agreements
Proposal To Buy A Business
Independent Contractor

Business Plan
Confidentiality Agreement

Service Contract

By Type Of Business

Accounting Services Contract
Auto Sales
Cake Decorating Contract
Catering Contract
Child Care Provider
Church Membership
Cleaning Service
Computer Service Provider
DJ Business
Dog Walking Contract
Event Vendor Contractor
HVAC Service Contract
Landscape Maintenance
Lawn Care Service
Martial Arts Contract
Nanny Contract
Paint Service Contract
Photography Contract
Pool Maintenance Contract
Public Speaker Contract
SEO Expert Firm
Vending Contract
Construction Contract
Subcontractor Agreement

Hiring An Employee

Blank Job Application
Non Disclosure Agreement
Sign On Bonus Contract
Employee References

Employee Evaluation

Management Evaluation
Employee Evaluation
Sample Evaluation Comments

Training & Coaching

Employee Coaching
Corrective Action Forms
Verbal Warning Worksheet
Employee Probation Notice

Continuous Improvement

Employee Accident Report
Two Week Notice Letter
Sample Resignation Letter
Employee Verification Letter

Attendance & Scheduling

Visitor Log

Employee Scheduling
Overtime Request Letter
Vacation Request
Jury Duty Excuse Note

Payroll & Accounting

Payroll Register
Salary Advance Agreement
Daily Cash Worksheet
Daily Cash Sales
Employee Loan Agreement
Bank Credit Reference
A/P & A/R Register
Request Payment Letter

Petty Cash
Petty Cash Policy
Petty Cash Journal
Petty Cash Voucher
Petty Cash Requisition
Petty Cash Reconciliation

Sales, Bids & Estimates

Quotes & Bids
Printable Quote Template
Blank Job Proposal Format
Free Job Estimate Forms
Residential Cleaning Service Bid
Commercial Cleaning Service Bid
Contractor Proposal Form

Job Estimate Templates
Contractor Estimate Form
Snow Plow Estimate
Handyman Estimate
Tree Removal Estimate
Landscaping Job Estimate

Sales & Contacts
Customer Information Template

Alternative Sales
Raffle Ticket

Purchasing & Receiving

Blank Receipts
Receipt Of Payment

Credit Authorization
Business Credit Application
Credit Card Authorization

Credit Agreements
Debt Agreement Contract
Sample Consignment Agreement

Vehicle & Transportation

Daily Driving Log
Trucking Log Book
Vehicle Maintenance
Motor Vehicle Inspection

Agreement & Notices

Independent Agreements
Letter of Agreement
Blank Notary Forms
Finder's Fee Contract
Certificate of Title
Escrow Agreement

Change Contracts
Letter To Terminate A Contract
Addendum To A Contract
Notice of Cancellation of Contract
Letters to End a Contract
Addendum To Agreement Of Sale

Contractor Agreements
Independent Contractor
Consulting Retainer

Business Operations
Change of Address
Business Closure

Rental & Equipment
Equipment Maintenance
Car Rental Contract

Warranty & Liability
Liability Release Forms
Volunteer Waiver
Cosigner Agreement

Lien Notices
Preliminary Lien Notice
Claim of Lien
Proof of Service
Attorney Lien

Power Of Attorney

Revoke POA
Durable POA
Medical POA
Limited POA
Financial POA
Guardianship POA
Special POA
Blank Templates

Rental Agreement

Short Term Lease Agreement
Rental Lease Agreement Form
Security Deposit Agreement
Key Receipt Template

Sample Lease Addendum
Sample Addendum Letter
Lease Extension Addendum
Lease Renewal Addendum

Organize & Communicate

BOD Resolution Letter
Petition Template
High School Reunion Program
Security Deposit Refund Letter

Maintenance & Repair
Maintenance Request
Repair Request
PC Repair Request
Work Order Template